Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Therapy 2022 CiteScore Released: 4.1

Published: 2023-07-05

We are pleased to announce that the Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Therapy (CDT) has received its 2022 CiteScore: 4.1, ranking 134 out of 354 journals in the Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine category.

Furthermore, we are delighted to highlight the remarkable achievements made by all AME journals in the CiteScore ranking.

  • 41 AME journals received CiteScore this year, with one journal achieving its first CiteScore.
  • 16 journals rank above average (in Q1 or Q2), with four of them positioned in the top 25% of the respective categories.
  • 36 journals have witnessed an increase in their CiteScores compared to 2021.

Below are the CiteScores for all AME journals:

Source: 2022 CiteScores™ (Elsevier)

CiteScore is a metric launched by Elsevier in 2016 to provide comprehensive, transparent, and current insights into journal impact. The calculation of 2022 CiteScore is based on the number of citations received in 2019-2022 to 5 peer-reviewed document types (articles, reviews, conference papers, data papers, and book chapters) by a journal in the same four years, divided by the same journal’s number of peer-reviewed documents indexed in Scopus and published in those same four years. For more information on CiteScore, please visit

The CiteScores achieved reflect the valuable impact these journals have made in the scientific community. Here, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our Editorial Team Members, authors, and reviewers for their significant contributions.

We look forward to the continuous cooperation with all the individuals mentioned above and those who are interested in cardiovascular medicine to bring more exciting content to readers in the coming future.

Editorial Office
Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Therapy