Vol 13, No 2 (April 28, 2023): Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Therapy

Original Article

Safety of open limited surgery for septuagenarian and octogenarian acute type A aortic dissection patients: a retrospective cohort study
Zhong Chen, Cheng Chen, Hoshun Chong, Junxia Wang, Xiyu Zhu, Qing Zhou, Dongjin Wang, Yunxing Xue
Risk factors for microalbuminuria in adult Tibetan patients with high-altitude pulmonary hypertension: a cross-sectional study
Cuizhen Yuan, Qian Zhang
Effect of combining sST2/HDL-C ratio with risk factors of coronary heart disease on the detection of angina pectoris in Chinese: a retrospective observational study
Yifan Zhang, Lili Zhang, Zhong Chen
Carotid massive intraplaque hemorrhage, lipid-rich necrotic core, and heavy circumferential calcification were associated with new ipsilateral ischemic cerebral lesions after carotid artery stenting: high-resolution magnetic resonance vessel wall imaging study
Yu-Meng Sun, Hai-Yang Xu, Shuo Wang, Zhen-Jia Wang, You Zhou, Wei Yu
Experimental research on the evaluation of left ventricular systolic function by layered speckle tracking before and after berberine treatment in a cardiac hypertrophy rat model
Haorou Luo, Tuli Kou, Ye Su, Yang Shen, Lixue Yin
Prevalence of obesity related hypertension among overweight or obese adults in River Nile State in Northern Sudan: a community based cross-sectional study
Sufian K. Noor, Moshira Hassan Elfakey Fadlelseed, Sara Osman Bushara, Safaa Badi, Omer Mohamed, Amin Elmubarak, Musa Kheir, Nuha Eljailli Abubaker, Mohamed H. Ahmed, Musaab Ahmed
Protective effects of Shen Yuan Dan on myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury via the regulation of mitochondrial quality control
Zhuhua Zhang, Mingxue Zhou, Hongxu Liu, Wei Liu, Jiaping Chen