Anatomical neon

Posted On 2019-09-29 08:13:29

During an International Visiting Artist Fellowship at Urban Glass, New York, Jessica Lloyd-Jones created a series of ‘Anatomical Neon’ artworks inspired by biological electricity—the presence of natural electrical activity in the human body.

The human anatomy is a complex, biological system in which energy plays a vital role. The blown glass organs encapsulate inert gases displaying different colours under the influence of an electric current. ‘Pulse’ is a representation of the human heart illuminated by still red neon gas (Figure 1). ‘Brain Wave’ conveys neurological processing activity as a kinetic and sensory, physical phenomena through its display of moving electric plasma (Figure 2). ‘Optic Nerve’ shows a similar effect, more akin to the blood vessels of the eye and with a front ‘lens’ magnifying the movement and the intensity of light (Figure 3). ‘Electric Lungs’ is a more technically intricate structure with xenon gas spreading through its passage ways, communicating our human unawareness of the trace gases we inhale in our breathable atmosphere (Figure 4).

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