Arts and Medicine

The primary goal of the journal CDT is to promote the rapid exchange of scientific information related to cardiovascular care between clinicians and scientists worldwide and to become a globally respected source of up-to-date information about all aspects of Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Therapy. Art and Medicine is a permanent feature of the Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Therapy (CDT). With the increasing influence of electronic media and associated radical changes in the media landscape, new approaches to the dissemination of peer-reviewed, scientific data are increasingly explored. The editorial team believes that this also applies to artwork.

Art, water and wellbeing

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Angelika completed a Foundation in Art and Design and studied Art for Public Space at Roehampton University, London, UK as a mature student.

Complicated Beauty

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Linda Alterwitz ( is a visual artist utilizing photography, collage, and interactive strategies.

Nano fragility

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As a chemist and artist, I experiment with expressing environmental concerns on the most basic molecular levels.
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The series “Arts and Medicine” was commissioned by the editorial office, Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Therapy without any sponsorship or funding.