Vol 5, No 3 (June 01, 2015): Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Therapy (Salt Reduction dedicated to World Hypertension Day 2015)

Review Article

An overview of salt intake reduction efforts in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries
Nawal Alhamad, Elsayed Almalt, Najeeba Alamir, Monica Subhakaran
Sodium intake reduction efforts in Lebanon
Mohamad M. Almedawar, Lara Nasreddine, Ammar Olabi, Haya Hamade, Elie Awad, Imad Toufeili, Samir Arnaout, Hussain A. Isma’eel
WHO’s supported interventions on salt intake reduction in the sub-Saharan Africa region
Chandralall Sookram, Davison Munodawafa, Peter Malekele Phori, Benoit Varenne, Abdikamal Alisalad
Salt reduction and hypertension in China: a concise state-of-the-art review
Yue Liu, Huiyan Li, Siting Hong, Xinhua Yin

Original Article

Sodium content in processed foods in Argentina: compliance with the national law
Lorena Allemandi, María Victoria Tiscornia, Miguel Ponce, Luciana Castronuovo, Elizabeth Dunford, Verónica Schoj
Salt reduction in Australia: from advocacy to action
Jacqui Webster, Kathy Trieu, Elizabeth Dunford, Caryl Nowson, Kellie-Ann Jolly, Rohan Greenland, Jenny Reimers, Bruce Bolam
Artificial neural network modeling using clinical and knowledge independent variables predicts salt intake reduction behavior
Hussain A. Isma’eel, George E. Sakr, Mohamad M. Almedawar, Jihan Fathallah, Torkom Garabedian, Savo Bou Zein Eddine, Lara Nasreddine, Imad H. Elhajj
Developing a national salt reduction strategy for Mongolia
Batsaikhan Enkhtungalag, Jamayan Batjargal, Ochir Chimedsuren, Bayandorj Tsogzolmaa, Craig S. Anderson, Jacqui Webster

Brief Report

The World Hypertension League: where now and where to in salt reduction
Norm R. C. Campbell, Daniel T. Lackland, Liu Lisheng, Xin-Hua Zhang, Peter M. Nilsson, Mark L. Niebylski, the World Hypertension League Executive


The series “Salt Reduction dedicated to World Hypertension Day 2015” was commissioned by the editorial office, Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Therapy without any sponsorship or funding. Hussain Isma’eel, Paul Schoenhagen and Jacqui Webster served as the unpaid Guest Editors for the series.